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Great Scott…Time Travel For Big Data & OpenStack Made Simple!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future Organizational deployments of NoSQL and/or OpenStack have significantly increased over the past year and leveraging these technologies has resulted in realized cost savings and scale! Forrester: Total Economic Impact™ of OpenStack (graphic to […]

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Big Data & Disaster Recovery: What’s Your Plan B?

We can all agree that big data – or just data — are the crown jewels of your organization. But what are you doing to preserve, protect and defend your data? Regardless of how you’re deploying Big Data – public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud – you’d […]

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NoSQL Backups: You Can Do Them Better!

NoSQL Backups: You Can Do Them Better! I’m going to state the obvious: Big data is a complex animal… and it’s getting hairier by the minute. But unfortunately, too many organizations add to that complexity by managing their big data environments with APIs, scripts and duct tape. […]

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Do scale out databases need backup?

Some of the attendees who stopped by our booth asked this question, so I reflected on this conundrum for couple of days. Yes, these databases keep multiple copies of the data so why do they need backup? I know I have a good answer but how do […]

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Challenges with Backup and Recovery for Scale-out Applications

When you think Big Data you think Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB and other scale-out NoSQL databases. All these applications share an important trait; they are scale-out applications. Scale-out applications are built to scale from single node to 100s of nodes. They dynamically distribute the data between nodes. They […]

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