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Five Questions for OpenStack Object Storage Innovator SwiftStack

Welcome to Trilio Data’s Q&A series, where a member of our executive team interviews a senior executive with a key partner, customer or industry analyst firm. We want to get their thoughts on the state of Big Data, OpenStack, data protection, or business assurance and continuity.  As […]

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Great Scott…Time Travel For Big Data & OpenStack Made Simple!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future Organizational deployments of NoSQL and/or OpenStack have significantly increased over the past year and leveraging these technologies has resulted in realized cost savings and scale! Forrester: Total Economic Impact™ of OpenStack (graphic to […]

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OpenStack, NoSQL, & the Need for Scale

With the production of global data predicted to be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009, we all need to plan for growth. According to Gartner, 80% of data in organizations today is unstructured (text, documents, transactions, audio, video, social media, etc.). Unstructured data […]

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Big Data & Disaster Recovery: What’s Your Plan B?

We can all agree that big data – or just data — are the crown jewels of your organization. But what are you doing to preserve, protect and defend your data? Regardless of how you’re deploying Big Data – public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud – you’d […]

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NoSQL Backups: You Can Do Them Better!

NoSQL Backups: You Can Do Them Better! I’m going to state the obvious: Big data is a complex animal… and it’s getting hairier by the minute. But unfortunately, too many organizations add to that complexity by managing their big data environments with APIs, scripts and duct tape. […]

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Do scale out databases need backup?

Some of the attendees who stopped by our booth asked this question, so I reflected on this conundrum for couple of days. Yes, these databases keep multiple copies of the data so why do they need backup? I know I have a good answer but how do […]

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Challenges with Backup and Recovery for Scale-out Applications

When you think Big Data you think Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB and other scale-out NoSQL databases. All these applications share an important trait; they are scale-out applications. Scale-out applications are built to scale from single node to 100s of nodes. They dynamically distribute the data between nodes. They […]

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